February 24, 2020 - Monday
About Us


  • A trusted leader serving the community with a commitment to innovation and improvement.


  • Plan for technology improvements and maintenance to meet the operational needs of the district.
  • Develop and expand on existing partnerships to build trust and explore collaborative opportunities.
  • Deliver excellent service while focusing on innovation and improvement.
  • Exercise sound financial judgment and plan for fiscal sustainability.
  • Develop and manage infrastructure to support operations and innovations now and for the future.
  • Hire, develop, take care of and promote the best people.
  • Build community trust and resilience through education and engagement.


  • Continuous Improvement

    • We seek feedback and learn and improve from experience.
    • We are willing to take risks and make changes in order to improve service.
    • We are committed to doing the work, and continuously improving the way work gets done.
  • Integrity

    • We are open, transparent, and accountable to the public we serve.
    • We acknowledge that public trust matters - and strive to be worthy of it.
    • We are respectful, effective and humble.
    • We do what's right for the right reason.
  • Teamwork

    • We work cooperatively with one another to achieve our goals.
    • We strive for open and honest communications and value differing opinions.
    • Our managers coach, mentor and develop a strong team culture.
  • Compassion and Service

    • We treat our customers with respect and dignity.
    • We appreciate the importance of caring for people in the most challenging of circumstances.
    • We are not here for ourselves, but for the community we serve.

As of October 1st, 2016, Fire District 7 became a newly restructured fire district. During the August 2016 Primary Election, voters in Monroe Fire District 3 approved merging with Snohomish County Fire District 7 by almost 81 percent. Both Fire District 7 and Monroe Fire District 3 have long standing service relationships within our communities.

Today, Fire District 7 serves a population estimated to be over 116,000 residents over 98.5 square miles. The District operates eight fire stations with Station 76 located in and serving the city of Mill Creek under a contract for services. Currently, the District employs over 190 personnel including firefighter/EMTs, administrative staff and chief officers. Snohomish County Fire District 7 will undoubtedly see additional advances as it continues to meet the needs of the community. All personnel; past, present, and future can feel proud of the accomplishments made by this department during the last several decades as well as for the accomplishments yet to come.